Navyug India Nidhi Ltd.

Gold Loan

Let the gold add glitter to your life unlock the value of your gold while ypu continue to own it

NAVYUG INDIA NIDHI LTD designed to provide liquidity against gold and gold jwellers without having to sell them. Let your gold help you bring the golden period in life.

Features and Benefits

1. Availed for any amount between Rs. 1000 to a maximum of Rs. 10 lakhs.

2. Hassle-free quick processing of loans.

3. Minimum documentation and quick disbursal.

4. Simpified paper work.

5. Easy pament options.

6. ATL-Anytime liquidity.

7. No EMI,service only interest and enjoy the loan faculty.

Terms and Conditions.

1. The rate of interest will be @14%to 18% per month.

2. Avail loan amount ranging from Rs. 1000 to 10 lakhs.

3. The valuation of the gold ornaments will be done by Navyug india throungh authorired value,and the post of valuationwill be bond by borrower.

4. To colored photographs of gold ornaments are required.

5. To colored photographs of borrower and his/her ID proof are required.

6. The loan interest will bw paid on monthly basis.

7. In casepf non-payment of interst for 12 month the gold ornaments will be sold by Navyug India.

8. In expanditure on sale of gold ornaments plus due loan amount and 5% panalty rest on due amount interest will be deducted and balanced amount will be deposited in to loan account.

9. The borrower has to provide an affidavit declaring the ownership of the ornaments.

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