Navyug India Nidhi Ltd.

Mortagge Loan

Feature and Benefits

1.Attractive interest rates

2. Doorstap service

3. Balance Transfer Facility

4. Nominal prepayment Charge

What are the supposrting documents required while applying for the Loan?

(Comman required for all applicants)

1. Application from duly filled in (with potograph of the entire applicants).

2. Resisdence and age verification,which may be established from the PAN card, election ID , passport, driver license and rashen card etc.

3. Copy of approved plan and sanction letter from local civic authority.

4. Copy of NA permission

5. One/two guarantors from/s and salary certificate . - If guarantor is in business, copies of I.T returnes ar assesments orders for the last three years are required.

6. Bank pass-book of statements for the last one year.

7. Latest salery slip showing all deductions in case of employee applicants

8. Certificate copies of balance sheets and profits nad loss accounts, IT acknowledgements, advance tax challange(for company / firm and personal account) for the last three years in case of self employed applicants.

9. Memorandum/articles of association for companies,partnership deeds for firms and a brief profile of your company/firm in case of self employd applicants.

Additional Requirements

A.(In case of purchase fromm builders)

1. Copy of agreement for sale.

2. Copy of registration receipt

3. Copy of sanctioned plan and sancion letter of the compitent authorities

4. Copy of an a permission/ULC order

5. Copies of receipts of payments already made

6. NOC from builders in our formats

B.( In case of direct allotment in a co-operative housing society)

1. Allotment letter

2. Share certificate, society registration certificate

3.Copy of sale/lease deed in favour of the society

4.NOC from society in our format

5.Possession letter in original

C.(In case of reasle)

1.Copy of all previous vendors agreements duly stamped and registered and the registration reciept.(Original to be given before disbursement)

2.NOC from society/builders in our format.

3.Original share certificates

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